About Us

First Baptist Church of Spring Forest is an open door old-time Baptist Church that believes in the old-fashioned preaching of God's Word.

We hold to the long time values of preaching from the KJV Bible, singing from the old song books, and worshipping in the glory of the Lord and an old time altar.

We still have a Bible and songbook in every pew and a smile on every face.

We welcome any and all who enter our gates and are here to be a support and help to each and every need you may have.

Our God is a loving and Wonderful God and He will receive, so will we; so come everyone of you to one of our worship services.
Church Services and Times

Sunday Services:
morning at 10:45 am
Prophecy Bible Studies 4pm
evening at 5:30pm

Community Dinner at 6pm
Evening Service at 7pm
Evening Childrens Ministry at 7pm

Weekly Prayer Meetings at 9:30am
Mon, Wed, and Fri

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